Gold prices bow to rising dollar, trades below $1,900/ounce

Gold futures was down 0.89% to trade at $1,890.60 an ounce on Wednesday’s trading session.

Gold prices remained under intense pressure at the Wednesday trading session, as it went below $1,900/ounce. The slide is attributed to the rise of the U.S dollar, firing up on all cylinders on the macro that fresh COVID-19 lockdowns will be implemented in London and other parts of Europe.

What we know: At the time this report was drafted, gold futures was down 0.89% to trade at $1,890.60 an ounce.

Why the yellow metal is falling now

Rising COVID-19 caseloads in emerged markets have distorted investment strategies of global investors as the world’s economic recovery seems to be fragile, driving investors into dollars, which has weighed on the bullion-asset.

On top of that, gold traders also have unwound some of their gold holdings as a part of this week’s equity-market sell-offs, which added to the pressures around precious metals.

Stephen Innes, Chief Global Market Strategist at AxiCorp, in a note, spoke on the selling pressure that the yellow metal is presently facing, as it seems the bears are having the upper hand.

“Gold has fallen out of favor; still, the downside may also be limited due to low yields and geopolitical and trade risks that are likely to provide a price floor.

“The lack of a bounce after Monday’s drop is not encouraging. While gold does not look persuasive, there is a limit to how low it is likely to fall – at least ahead of a highly contentious US election, a climate of highly charged geopolitical risks, and renewed COVID-19 concerns.

“The precious metal might continue to struggle to make new highs.”

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