EndSARS Protest: Feminist Coalition group raises additional N31 million crowdfund in four days

Feminist Coalition has announced that it has raised over N37 million in crowdfunding for the #EndSARS protest.

One of the leading NGOs currently campaigning against police brutality in Nigeria, Feminist Coalition has announced that it has raised the total sum of N37,355,149.48 in crowdfunding for the protest which is aimed at supporting protesters.

The recent figure indicates an addition of N31 million in four days, up by 487.8% from its last figure on October 10, 2020 which stood at N6,354,561.27.

In a recent verified tweet, the group also announced that it had disbursed the total sum of N11,810,500.00, which represents about 31.6% of the total amount raised so far.

The balance of the group so far is:

  • NGN 25,544,649.48
  • USD 11,474.34
  • CAD 5,595.89
  • GBP 5,733.49
  • EUR 875.42
  • GHS 1,256.70


It was reported that Feminist Coalition, a Nigerian feminist set established to oppose injustice through peaceful protests, fundraising, and social media organization, raised N6,354,561.27 as of October 10, 2020.

According to the group, the donation made would be used on first aid, masks, bail, hospital bills, food, water, glucose for protesters and also for the provision of legal aid to protestors, who have been arrested on the frontline.

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